Formatting using "<em> and <strong>" doesn't seem to be working anymore

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We've been using <em> and <strong> to format our text. But this week we've noticed none of them are working and we're left with <em> and <strong> in the middle of text throughout all our forms.


Has this function been removed or replaced with something else?



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@Josh_Craven we are having the same issue of html tags no longer working.


Frustrating when trying to create something which requires subscript and superscript characters and even more frustrating when the tags in appearing in the text of forms that have already been created.


Hopefully this is just a short term glitch.


@Jamie_Bryan I hope so too. 


For now, we've had to go through and remove the tags, seen as our forms are in use, but it looks very bland.


If you happen to come across a fix or alternative, it'd be great to know!

I'll do the same if I find anything.

@Josh_Craven  Yep - I've noticed this too - so we have to go back and remove any HTML from all past forms :|


Users have been requesting being able to use HTML on forms, or at least some formatting to text in questions for 5 years and they haven't been able to deliver.