Form responses sent to user that has submitted form

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I have created a form for remote sites. I have created a flow to collect the data in SP lists.
What I want to do is have the form responses recorded and sent back to the user that submitted. They have limited access permissions to our company site. So it is proving difficult to get that done. I have created a power apps to have the data collection recorded for our head office, but our sites, having limited permissions/access can’t have access to the PowerApps app. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi @LZwright


You could use Flow to also send an email back with the responses.


Choose something like Send an email and place the forms fields in it.


Here's the concept in the image provided from something I have made for an approval email with the form responses:




Have a play with adding something like this to your current flow and you can certainly send the email back to the submitter!


Good luck and happy to help you further if you get stuck.




Thanks for reaching out to us. The email receipt feature MVP 1 will soon roll out, which only for people in my organization. Your case will be included in MVP2.