Form Questions in Wrong Order in Excel Dowload

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I am trying to start data analysis from responses to a Microsoft form. When I open the responses using the "open in excel" option, the questions are shown out-of-order in the excel sheet.

I saw similiar questions where people were advised to select "sync all responses to a new workbook." I have tried this, but do not know where/how to access the new workbook. I do not see it in my Onedrive documents or downloads. 

Can someone tell me how to best solve this and, if it it by syning to a new workbook, how to find the new workbook?

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If you perform 'Sync all responses to a new workbook', when you click the 'Open in Excel' button again, the newly generated workbook will be opened. When you open the newly generated workbook, you can see the name of the workbook displayed in the upper right corner. Clicking on it will bring up a window where you can view the current storage path of the workbook in the 'Location' field.







Thank you! @Dingkun Xie That fixed my issue.