Form from Sharepoint - effect & behavour of deleting the "Form for.xls" - Wheres the 365/Forms DATA?

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Hi folks,


Just discovered cool feature creating simple "FORM for xls" from SharePoint Doc Library. Also cool is the xls keeps updated and of course no column mapping ball ache or (in the case of an SP.List) creating columns then generating a PowerApp-Form (though to be fair that's pretty slick also! - except you cant use anonymous submissions). I digress.


The FORM itself from "FORM for xls" gets stored in 365/FORMS for editing/sharing etc. 

The connected XLS resides in SharePoint Doc Lib.


When I delete the XLS from the SP.Doc.Lib the FORM in 365/Forms continues to function, and, when I go to OPEN XLS in FORMS/Preview the file "cannot be found" …. Obviously! Or not...



Where is the Form DATA now? And how can I reconnect to the data (presumably residing in 365/Forms) from say another Excel Workbook or any other Data Connector for that matter.


PS. Just for testing consistency, I restored the "Forms to XLS" file from Recycle back into SP/Doc/Lib and found that the new FORM submissions (submitted after the xls was deleted) remained absent despite "refresh data" However further FORM submission DID appear in the previously deleted xls. Which is kinda wierd, did 365/Forms just send and forget? I would have expected 365/ to sync with Forms.xls all data upon refresh.



After restoring the "Form for xls" into SharePoint Doc.Lib and after sometime the submissions created whilst it resided in the site recycle bin have appeared in the xls! Notably after those submissions added immediately when it was returned from the recycle bin. 


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So where is the FORM data and how can I connect to it from another Data Connector (eg Access or SharePoint or another XLS for that matter).