Folder in Microsoft Forms

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Is there any option to create a Folder within Forms? This would help to organize the multiple quizzes and online forms we create over a period of time. Currently, it all looks jumbled and disorganized. 


If there is such a feature already, someone please help out and provide details. 

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@Biju1965 no there is now way yet to have folders (Power Automate has the same limitation). You can vote for it at


Los Gallardos
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@Biju1965 It's not exactly a folder, but you could email yourself a group of links for those MSForms and then create folders in your email app with related emails organised by subjejct, year or something else.



Can you share the full link again? It seems like the link is broken. 

The uservoice site has closed and Microsoft will be releasing their own platform for requests in due course.