Employees submit a form, but approval flow defaults 'Created by' field to me and not the employees

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Using MS Forms I have created an overtime payment request form and shared it with all our employees. They can access and submit it as expected. I am relying on their M365 user credentials to automatically identify who is submitting the form.

I have two flows which run in the background when they submit the form and I have a issue with both of them:

1. When the form is submitted, all the fields are added to a Sharepoint list. The flow works and the form content is added to the list, but the 'Created By' field in the list always adds my name in. I need the field to be populated with the name of the person that submitted the form. How do I resolve? I have tried rebuilding the form, and sharing the Flow with all users, but this has not worked.

2. When the item is added to the Sharepoint list, an Approval flow commences. The flow runs successfully, but because the 'Created By' field always has my name in it, the approval notifications I have built into the flow which include 'Created By' now populate incorrect information. How do I resolve? Once again I have shared the Flow with all users,  but this has not fixed the problem.


Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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@mym3652500 the Created By column will always use the name of the owner of the flow, so you need to create another column to hold the details of who submitted it the form. I normally use the Title column for this but you could create a different column if you need the Title column for other information. I also usually use the Office 365 users Get user profile action to hold the responder's email address because then you can use other information like the display name or their firstname in other actions, for example we send a personalised email back to responder with "Hi Rob, thank you.....".






The same applies for the approval, you'll need to use the column where you are storing the user's email address, not the Created by column.


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