Embedding the FORM within Email Body


Has anyone successfully embedded the Form Code within the body of an email so that the email "is" the form.

This is in contrast to the usual method of inserting the Form URL into an email - which requires the reader of the email to click and load the Form.


I hope this makes sense... at the moment we distribute Forms to Parents via email, including introductory text, salutation etc... then with a line asking them to "Click here to complete the Form"


How can I achieve "the email is the form"

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Its possible embed first question and saving as model?

I want to send the form with a Microsoft Flow, but if I do that, the email dont use the embeded first question.



No, you can't save as a template when using this functionality. Sorry!




@Dilyana_Radulova Thks for the quick answer. Do u know if that would be something that can be add in a next update? 

Hello @rogeriosilva ,


Have you seen this https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/forums/386451-welcome-to-microsoft-forms-suggestion-box


It is where Forms Pro ideas, suggestions and improvements from the community are put forward. Then they get up-voted and if they get enough support, they get implemented. You can see what is currently being worked on as well as suggest ideas here.




I suggest looking into Adaptive Cards. We used them along with Power Automate to dynamically create a survey based on a living list. the responses are captured directly within the email and sent within the 365 spaces to a list for further automations. 
Designer | Adaptive Cards  - it can take some work to get done the first time around, i suggest this video walkthrough for help, Actionable Messages step by step 

@Travis JefferdsThanks! Do you know why the action.http submit button would fail to appear in Outlook? I have approval to send adaptive cards to my organization but cannot get the action.http button to appear when I send an adaptive card via email with Power Automate. I followed the step-by-step guidelines, included my provider/originator ID, added the headers, etc. but no luck. Any help would be appreciated!