Embedding the FORM within Email Body


Has anyone successfully embedded the Form Code within the body of an email so that the email "is" the form.

This is in contrast to the usual method of inserting the Form URL into an email - which requires the reader of the email to click and load the Form.


I hope this makes sense... at the moment we distribute Forms to Parents via email, including introductory text, salutation etc... then with a line asking them to "Click here to complete the Form"


How can I achieve "the email is the form"

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Hey Chris,

Did you ever find a solution? i am also very interested in embedded FORMS in emails..

Hi Christian.  No.  I did some research HTML in email is a minefield mainly due to the lack of control of the email client variation at the receiver's end.

Have you seen it achieved with another platform... ie monkeybusiness type stuff....

I managed to fix a solution that was okay for my needs, and quick to do without any coding.

Using SurveyMonkey and their guide, i can now embed multiple choice questions directly into the email sent out.

You can do it easily with google forms too. Very nice interface.

I wish it were possible with Office Forms

Thank you very much for your feedback. We’ve logged this ask in Microsoft Forms feature backlog

Is there any news on this? I would like to do the same thing. Thks

Looking for this capability SOON!!!

@Gene Saloishas there been any updates in this.

@Suleyman Ali I would also be interested in an update on this

Also interested in a solution!

@Yong QiuInterested in the ability to either generate email from Forms or embed it in an email composed in outlook.



Forms Pro can now generate an email from within Forms itself (see image below).




and then




It doesn't embed the form into the email, but it does template sending it out so at least you save a few steps which is handy.





Hi @George Lai 

I am trying to embed google forms in outlook, can you please connect and help with this?


I am unable to figure out how this can be done, it would be great if you can showcase your work or share some video links on how to do this.


Any help will be appreciated. 




On the page where you are sending the form via email to people, there is a checkbox that says “Include form in the email”. See the attached photo.

@George Lai Thanks a lot for the quick reply. 


Hi @Chris Laycock ,


have you seen this? 



It has just come out in the October release and might help.




Unfortunately this only embeds the first line, but not the whole form unlike google forms.

Microsoft, when are we going to see this ability?
Do you have a link where I can find a faq or help on this feature for Survey Monkey?

Hopefully the ability to embed the first question is the first step in making this possible. It would greatly increase response rates.