Embedding forms in Sharepoint

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We are trying to embed a Microsoft Form into sharepoint, we generate the code and place it on the Sharepoint page which looks ok in preview but dissapears when saved.


Any ideas?



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Alan - can you share the screenshot with us or any other error message that you see?
Apologies Nakul I have not revisited this. I will get one of the team to try again and screenshot any info that comes up. Will also get the preview screenshot where everything appears to be fine.


Is there solution for this problem? We have the same problem in our Sharepoint. I try to embed MS form but after save it doesn't show. If I embed Youtube video, it works like it should.

I just noticed this thread from late last year and tested it now, it is working for me today. Are you still having an issue?


My repro:

Create my form

Click Share, click the Embed icon, copy the iFrame code

On a modern page in sharepoint, add the Embed webpart

paste in the embed code

publish the page


I then emailed it to a few folks, and they submitted results to my "survey"


I saw those results in Forms.

We are having issues. 

It just displays the Forms logo with a link to the form. 


Tried embedding on classic page. 



Just saw this as I'm searching for a solution. Sometimes the form loads, other times I get the "fill out the form" page - not a great user experience. 

@Mahendran D did you ever get a solution to this?  Embedding in classic used to work just fine but I am always seeing the same "Fill out the form" screen as you, regardless of user, browser, etc.


Try changing the settings for size in the embed code. This worked for me.