Embed Form Response Analytics into SharePoint

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I suppose the title says it all. Is there a way for me to embed the Microsoft Forms Response Analytics into a SharePoint page? 

Any info welcome. Thanks

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Hi @Deleted,

Not currently. There are several different uservoices open to integrate it with SharePoint such as


I would vote on this to push it up the agenda - however with the current number of votes it may take some time, if ever, for Microsoft to pick it up.

A way around this - although I understand it would take longer. Is to export the responses excel from the form, use the excel with Power BI to make a results page/dashboard and then use the Power BI web part in SharePoint. That should be possible to achieve what you need. Again, I would like to point out that it's not optimal: and really we need to see native integration between Forms responses and SharePoint.

Another possible way would be to use the snipping tool on the forms page and upload the image to SharePoint using an Image Web Part. Again - not optimal!

Hope that answers your question. I voted too on the uservoice as I would like to see this. It would look great on a modern site.

Best, Chris

That is twice the response I was expecting. Thank you sir. I have no further more questions.

Have a great day.