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We have a MS Form where one of the values is a free text field that requires an email address be manually entered. 


Upon the forms submission, we require a email notification to be sent to the email address that is entered into that free text field field. Is this possible?



We have looked into MS flow and were unable to identify how to do this. 


It would also be great if we could get Forms to reference our user base in Active Directory, but it looks like that isn't going to happen. 




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@PaulU1930 Thank you for your question. I too have had this question. Our institution has a form where colleagues nominate each other. In the past, different people might nominate the same person but spell their name differently, thereby requiring manual reconciliation. It would be nice if a form field could pull from Active Directory to populate the name or email field when it is entered. 


Looking forward to any insight that others have on this. Thanks!

@MichaelBSmith yes it's a pain that, unlike Power Apps, Forms can't check a name against Active Directory. There are a number of uservoice requests for this here.


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