Dynamically Add Info to Thank You Page

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Can Microsoft Forms dynamically populate the thank you message with
(a) info from the user's response?

(b) a value calculated based on the user's response?

(b) or info from Power Automate, based on the user's response?


Why do I want this? Well, I currently have a very complicated form, built using PHP & JavaScript, that  sends the user to one of many urls based on their responses. 

I would love to migrate it to Microsoft Forms. But I don't want my user to have to wait for the email to get their appropriate urls. I want them to get it instantly, like from the thank you message.


Any ideas?

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@BeigeBaron this could be done with a flow in Power Automate to send the responder the answers they submitted, calculate values and add other info based on their response. Although there's a queue for my solutions - I'm being slow delivering them this week due to work related to Coronavirus -  if you could send some more info I could show you how this could be done with a flow.


Los Gallardos
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Wow! Thanks for your response,  @Rob Elliott !

I'll send you more info by direct message.