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I am thinking I am missing something as this does not seem possible.   I have a Form and it has 3 questions.  Now if a user accidentally selects an answer but in reality they did not want any item selected.  How can they have that answer turned back to blank?


The reason is we have a registration event where users may not want to attend and if they accidentally select the item how can they undo it.   I know I can add another option of "will not attend"  but the BP would rather not.

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Hi @Dan Fitzgerald


Try refreshing the web browser. That should reset the form for them to do it again.


Not something I would recommend for longer forms but since it's only three questions (I assume short ones) then it's ok.


If it were longer or had lengthy text questions, I'd be adding another option to select.


Best wishes and good luck. I do hope that this response has provided you a way forward to a solution!


Edit: Forgot to say, there's no way to deselect the box (that I know of) thus why I suggest the option above.