Custom Thank You/Confirmation Message After Form Submittted

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Using MS Forms Pro, is it possible to customize the "thank you" / confirmation message after the survey is submitted? I know you can change the text, but can you also:

  • have 1 of 2 different messages appear based on answers using conditional branching
  • add a photo to those messages
  • change the font color of those messages

I am trying to create a form for security screening that generates a red "STOP" vs. green "GO" message after the person submits which generates a visual that shows they completed the survey. I tried producing these messages within the survey as questions and sections with an acknowledgement check-box; however, you then run the risk that the person will see the "STOP" or "GO" message and not press submit at the end of the survey. That's why I want to move the messaging to after the submission!

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did you get a fix for this @EvanReilly?
Im also looking to do the same thing and had the same thought process that users will see the 'stop' and not press submit, but the org. needs that data.



@Jbarrow Nope, not supported by MS Forms. We have a combined "STOP" and "GO" thank you message.