Creating a Flow in Power Automate with MS Forms and Planner

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I wonder if someone can help me create a flow in Power Automate with the following requirements.


1. When a new response is submitted in Microsoft Forms
2. It will create a Task in Microsoft Planner with the following criteria:
- The task name in Planner should contain the answer to the first question on the Form.
Ex. First question in the form is "What is your Name?". Answer is "John". Therefore, the title of the Task should be "John"
- All the questions and responses on the Forms are on the Notes section of the Task.
- Add the name of the person who submitted the response on the Notes section.
3. Trigger an email alert to a specific email address when a Task is created with the following criteria:
- Subject of the email is the Task Name
- Custom message showing the url of the new task and the notes on the task.


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@jeffreyvi1495  when creating a flow that involves Planner there are a few things to watch out for but the flow you want can certainly be created as shown below.


In this example I've got a simple form with just 3 questions and the answer to the first question will form the title of the task and the subject of the email:




The flow then starts with the normal Forms trigger of When a new response is submitted and the first action of Get response details. If your responders are within your organisation you can add an Office 365 users Get User Profile (V2) and from the dynamic content select Responder's email as the input. 




Next, add a Planner Create task action and select the Plan that you want the new task to be added to and also the bucket if you're using one. In my example I've set the start date to today and the due date to be 5 days ahead using an expression of addDays(utcNow(),5)




The next action is one that many people often forget about. In order to give the creation of the task time to complete we need to add in a delay of 10 seconds. If we don't then the update task details won't find the newly-created task because everything's happened so quickly. So we slow it down. I want to use the UK date format in my email particularly so I've added a Convert time zone action.

Next we add an Update task details action. We do this because in the Create task action you can't add anything into the Notes field. Select the task ID from the dynamic content and in the Description field select the info that you want to be placed in the Notes field in Planner. There is an inconsistency of names here but what goes into the description field in the flow will be placed in the Notes field in the task.






The final action in the flow is to prepare the email. For the subject line choose Title from the Create task section of the dynamic content:




Then because we are putting a link to the task in the email we need to click the </> button in the top right above the Body section.  You will now need to use html tags to lay out the body of the email:

For the link the html is <a href="">Link to task<a/> and in between the "" you need to add an expression of 

and you select the Task ID from the dynamic content tab.




When you complete the form and run the flow the task will be added to the relevant bucket in the Plan...



... and the information entered in the Description field earlier on will appear (after the 10 second delay) in the Notes field.




Finally the email will be sent with a clickable link to the task.




I hope you found that useful and can follow the steps, but do come back with questions if something isn't clear.


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