Create Word document based on Forms results

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I have developed a form to use to identify the risk profile of home & auto insurance clients.  Questions Like "Do you own any expensive jewelry".  The Form has 39 questions and some of them also conditionally ask additional questions based on the answer to the first question.  All the the questions have Yes or No answers.  I would like to automate producing a report in Word, based on the answers gathered in the form. The responses in the report to answers from each question of the Form are standard. For example, if the answer to the above question was "Yes", it would automatically insert a paragraph such as "Home insurance policies have a maximum limit they will pay for loss of jewelry, usually in the $7,000-8,000 range.  If you own jewelry, either a single piece, like an engagement ring, or a number of pieces that total to more than the limit, you should consider adding a rider to your policy.  That way, if something happens, you will have sufficient insurance to replace it." I'm looking for the best way to do everything. I'm think Power Automate may get me there, but I'm trying to figure that out.  Any suggestion?

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