Connecting an already created Microsoft Form to Excel

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I have already created a web-based Microsoft Form and would like to know if this form can be linked to an Excel I can create at this point?  If not, is there a way to access the Excel sheet behind the form?  


I know that there is an option to create a Flow and push the data from the Form in to Excel.  But was wondering if there is an easy way of accessing the Excel--without using the download data option. 



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Hi @mano1982 


Depending on where you have created the form, you can access the Excel doc usually in SharePoint or OneDrive.


Else you can also find it in the form itself when you click onto Responses and Open in Excel.




Hope that does the trick?


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Can I connect a form that is already created to excel online?

Hi @CHasprey 


Forms generates its own Excel doc. I have not seen it allow the use of an existing doc and do not believe it's currently possible to do.