Check (and remove) current permissions on Microsoft Forms

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We have a form that was shared with several people for collaboration but is now ready to be distributed firm wide.  The owner of the form would like to remove/disable the access given during the collaboration phase.  Would also like to see everyone who has collaboration access.  And finally, wants to know if a specific person is given collaboration access - are they able to forward the link to others for access?


Thanks! Pam

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@PamSimp this isn't possible, you would need to duplicate the form and then send out the collect responses link company wide and not give anyone the link to collaborate.


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Hi @PamSimp 


- Deleting the collaboration link would remove the permission for whoever had access before.

- People will get access permission forwarded by collaborators if the link is active (not deleted by owner) and the form owner chooses "Anyone with an Office365 work or school account can edit and view results", or people in the same tenant will get access permission when "People in 'tenant name' with the link can edit and view results" is chosen.