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Changing content of response email for form

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I currently have a form setup in Microsoft forms. This was setup by a previous developer. When I fill it out and submit, I will receive a confirmation email indicating I've filled out the form. I need to change the content of this email.


But I can't find out where the email is being sent out. I looked at both MS Forms and Power Automate to see the workflow, but there is nothing that resembles the content I need to change.


I was wondering typically where is the response email sent for Microsoft Forms? (e.g. where should I look?) I thought it could be a permissions issue as this wasn't created by me. But I could access the form (in Group Forms) and he can't.





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@JasonYeung if you use the built-in functionality then you can't change the content of the email. We NEVER use that but always use a flow in Power Automate to get the form response details, save the response to a SharePoint list and send the submitter a nicely-formatted email with company logo etc with the details of their response. It's much more flexible, totally changeable and works brilliantly. An  example is shown below:









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