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Hi all, hope someone can help me or give me a tip about this:


I've created a few forms to be used by the employees in my organization. I've also added a flows so when a form is submitted it goes to the correct responsible department/person.


Since the Microsoft application they use the most is outlook, I've also created approvals request using outlook, instead of the 'approvals connection'.


It's everything working properly however when a form is filled by another person and submitted, it's my email that shows as requestor (email FROM). Also the requests from others are all in my "sent mailbox".


Is there a way to solve this?

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@anachalves if you are using the send an email (v2) action the email will always come from you as the creator of the flow. In my company we normally use a shared mailbox to send the email from - send an email from a shared mailbox (v2). The exception to this is if the email is triggered from Power Apps when it will send from the account of the user who triggered the flow.


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