Cannot See SharePoint Site When Moving Form

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Earlier this week I created a form. 3 days ago I created a SharePoint site to move the form to so I can add other users to the site and give them access to the form.


I still cannot see the site listed in the menu when I select 'Move' on the form options. I can see every other site I am a member of. As I created this site, I am the owner. It is in my followed sites too.


Is there a guide on how long it might take to 'propagate' across systems and become available to Forms?

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@Cripp88  the move to locations are Office 365 Groups. So you need to create a Group then it will appear in the list.

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This is odd as SharePoint sites I've created previously in the same way show in the list. Having looked closer I can see there is no conversation tab in the site and I can't see it listen in my outlook shared mailboxes, so looks like I will have to figure out what is different this time. Thanks!

@RobElliott This is not entirely correct.  Office 365 Groups appear in the list, but not all of them. The list is limited in space and there is no search function. If your group does not show in the list (despite hitting "More" repeatedly), there doesn't seem to be a way to go find it. I have dozens of sharepoint sites for different projects and need to move forms to each one, but most are not listed and there is no search.


How do you get a group to appear in the list that isn't already there? 

Microsoft support to the rescue! You must be a member of the group before it appears in the list. That isn't a list of Sharepoint sites, it is a list of Groups. @MorosoChad 

@MorosoChad I'm having the SAME issue. In my example, my MS Form I created is currently saved/stored in my personal folder. I'm trying to move it to a team SharePoint that I am the owner of. When I'm in MS Forms, my SharePoint is NOT appearing as an option under My Groups. What is however are some groups I created in MS Planner, and another SharePoint that I created and am the owner of.  Where oh where is my SharePoint that I want to move this Form to?