Cannot access email at, Something went wrong Access is denied.

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I am using to access my personal email hello** and suddenly I cannot access my email with the error below:



Something went wrong
Access is denied.
X-OWA-CorrelationId 6f031c26-f71a-4ccb-f3c8-ded331e587b4
X-OWA-Error Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaADObjectNotFoundException
X-OWA-Version 15.20.3088.28
X-FEServer BN1PR10CA0006
X-BEServer BN8PR12MB3364
Date:18/06/2020 06:34:47
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@hellorahul09 you've posted this in the wrong place, this is the Microsoft Forms community.


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@hellorahul09   Did you manage to get a resolution to this ? I am having no luck going through the usual Microsoft channels to get a resolution

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Yes, I managed to fix this issue.


If you cannot open inbox use this URL


you can also use Microsoft Edge (latest version) and the you can preview your email in latest look





My failed at about 11am on September 3. It may be be related to a recent Win 10 update. I always accept all updates. I am not sure if this is related to that or not. Now all I receive is stuff into my junk folder, with an occasional  Facebook mention or junk with passes to my in box. I have no idea where my inbox emails go and my outgoing emails fail also. My junk folder fills up everyday as well as my sent folder with my test Subject and message. However my sent emails go who knows where. I have discussed this issue with MicroSoft Support team, with many escalations to more knowledgeable associates, no luck yet 


Jim Mason



have all worked perfectly over many years! HELP!!!



Failed September 3, and I cannot get help with this issue!!!




Jim Mason