Can't upload attachment Microsoft Forms

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I have several forms created that allow anyone within my company to submit them. As of this morning, users are unable to attach anything via the upload file field. 

You can click 'upload file' it'll let you select your file, looks like the file is being uploaded then it vanishes.

I "fixed" this by allowing everyone except external to edit the Forms folder under the service accounts Onedrive but that's not a good fix since i dont want users to be able to see other peoples submissions.

Any help would be appreciated unsure what to do

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Between 3/24 and 3/26 UTC time, there was a regression in the SharePoint service that impacted the file upload function in Microsoft Forms. The product team has since reverted the changes, and as of 3/26 12:00 UTC, the issue has been resolved.

@Dingkun Xie 

This issue hasn't been resolved for our firm. We still cannot upload documents. Can you please help us? Please see below screenshot.





To help investigate the issue, could you please share the form ID and timeframe when you encountered the error with me through a private message? I can then check the details from our backend.