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I have set up a simple form to collect member data for our club last week. The collecting worked well and I could access the responses as well as downloading an excel with all the data. Today I had to clear the cache of my laptop and when I now log into my MS account the form disappeared. However it is still accessible to put data in.

I get the following error message:

You don't have permission to edit this form
You don't have permission to edit this form. Try signing out, then signing in with a different account.

Session id: fc2fc1c2-0b30-48ef-80a1-7b0aeb11825b, Correlation id: f7e2d78d-ae30-43b9-8f14-4ab42b6958e4

I only have one MS account and no way of accessing this form now. Any ideas how I can solve this?

Thanks a lot!

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Our telemetry shows that the account which attempted to access that particular form is not the owner of the form. The account ID of the form owner is different from the account that attempted to access it. Please note that, as a compliance requirement, we do not store account profile details in our product. Therefore, you may need to figure out these different accounts on your own.

Hi, thank you very much for your kind answer!
I can also see that the form has a different Owner ID (ending with "...11a1aa") compared to the one that I see in a new test form I just created with my proper account.
The problem is that I thought that I built the original form with my account - but apparently I didn't (is it possible to create a form without an account?). So I am afraid that the form is lost.
Best regards, Manuela



is it possible to create a form without an account? - No, that's not possible, you need a valid account to create forms.