Can i allow user to submit a form, while prevent them from viewing the results

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I am working on a SharePoint online site. and inside our home page, i want to collect users' feedback about the home page. and one option i am thinking of, is to user Microsoft Forms, where SharePoint online already provide a web page to show Microsoft Forms, but i am not sure if i can do these things inside Microsoft Forms:-

1. Allow users to hide their name when submitting the form.

2. Allow all users inside our office 365 tenant, to submit the form, but prevent them from viewing the results?

3. only allow certain users to view the form results?

4. once the user submit the form to send an email to certain users?

so not sure if Microsoft Forms can achieve the above 4 points?

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Yes, you can, but do not use a group form, you will want to use a personal form on your account then you can set the sharing options, who can fill out internal only etc. If you make it a group form then anyone in the site / group can access the form and results so doing it on your own forms account is the best way to approach this. You can also share with additional collaborators from your personal form if you need others to see results / edit.

Ok so things look promising. but can you link me with some additional resources on how:-

1. i can create a personal form

2. how to allow everyone inside our office 365 to submit the form

3. on how to allow certain users to view the form submission results?


second point. not sure if we can have the option for the users to submit the form, and chose not to sure their usernames? so we will have something like anonymous submissions?

Sure, I'll give you the quick version.

1. Go to and then you can just create a form, just make sure you are on the "My Forms" Tab then click New Form.

2. After you're done with the form click Share in top right, then select the option you want, either anyone with link, or only people in your org with the link can fill out the form. 

3. Also on the Share Tab at the bottom. Click here as shown to get a collaboration link which you can share with anyone that you want to be able to view results and edit the form. 


ok thanks a lot for your explanation. so defining permissions on who can send the form and who can view the result will depend mainly on sharing the link but not on defining users. for example i can limit users who can view the results to only our internal office 365 users, but i can not limit this to certain internal users only.. what i need to do is to share the result link, and send the link in a secure manner to the intended users only? is this correct?


second question. now i am not sure if Microsoft forms provide a way to email certain users or certain active directory group when a new form is submitted?


Third question. now in sharepoint there is a web part to show Microsoft Forms inside modern pages, and one option inside this web part is to chose if we want to view the results as follow:-


so this mean any user can add the above web part and check the "Show form results", where this user can view the results of the Microsoft Form regardless of what we define on the form itself ? is this correct?

Thanks for your help in getting me on the correct track t implement our requirement .

I guess not. At some point I thought you could but I could be getting it mixed up with sharing flows.

Speaking of flow. If the form is long running etc. and securing the results is a priority you always have the option of creating a flow that copies the replies to a SharePoint list or other secured location. Then this way you only share out the form to be filled out and control access to the responses where you send them to with the flow. Pretty sure I’d you search for forms to sharepoint flow you will find an example out there.

Ok i got your point on sending email

now regarding the Permission and security.. not sure if i got your point correctly, but you mean we can/should not depend on the built-in Microsoft Forms capabilities, if we want to secure the form results and restrict viewing those results to only certain users??, and we have to create a flow? but what will the flow do in general? Will it move the result from being stored inside the MS Form to be stored in a secure place, which will be a sharepoint list ? or the flow will only copy the result to the sharepoint list ,, so still users can view the results from the MS form itself?


@john john MS forms saves responses in a spreadsheet (god knows why!) I think what is being suggested is that you create a flow that automatically saves responses to the form into a Sharepoint List which offers greater controls. This would not prevent the entries being saved into the Excel spreadsheet. You could expand this basic flow to delete the response recorded in the Excel spreadsheet after it has been written to the list (something I am considering doing). What I am not sure is whether this would prevent other team members from seeing the responses within the Teams app.


For your needs - I would probably say create the form as a Personal form and the  use the sharing links to control who has access - I have done this previously and it seems to work ok.