Bug? MS-Forms background image lost when you scroll down

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I have a Microsoft form with a background image - see here:



There is a fairly long text lead-in and so you need to scroll down to see all the questions. When you scroll down, the colourful background image is soon obscured by plain white.


This bug isn't apparent in "preview", but when you go to the live form above it shows itself.


Any ideas? In theory you could use branching to limit the number of questions visible at one time but I can't in this case as the questions are free-text and branching trickery doesn't work with free-text questions



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I am having the same issue. Branching does not help either. The more branches I open up the more of the page is white.

Example: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DWPzsN7lckG0kgz1zTh6QVX_oZypAspHmBg3zUn2YPhUMU1O...


It looks like the DIV with ID #form-container is not matching the height of the page and is stuck at the height of the visible area.


Any update on the fix??



I'm in the same situation. No scrollbar! Where's the fix?!