Attach file to my quiz question

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I am new in this. Could we add a file (doc for example) to our multiple quiz question? 

Any help and suggestions....



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Any clue!!!!!

@Hutaibat click on the + Add New button and select File upload.




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Many thanks @RobElliott 


is it for the teacher o upload or for students only???


i could not upload a file attached to one of my questions!!!!


what do you thing......

@Hutaibat it's for the user completing the form only.


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I haven't found a way to attach a file but you can attach an image of a document. Not a good solution for all scenarios but it could work for some. It would be awesome to have the functionality to attach files. 





Yes, How can you have a quiz if you can't attach a powerpoint or a word document for example, for the student to read?

Microsoft missed this fairly simple and required process for quizzes.

We could do so much more than the software engineers ever thought, because they are not "users" of the software they create!

@Hutaibat Aside from the MS Form attached in the Quiz/Assignment, I upload my other files to One Drive and paste the link as a hyperlink within the instructions tab.