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Hi, so far I can get the completed form approved by a manager and approval comes through to me, however, the manager needs to be able to amend the form if any incorrect details (we need correct form at the end for audit purposes) and I also need to receive the corrected form as an attachment and approval from manager sent to me as final step.

Is this possible or am I asking too much? 



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It seems like you are using forms for some business scenarios, but I don't quite understand the approval process you described. Forms itself do not have relevant functionality for this. Could you provide more details about the approval process and how you are using Forms in it?
Hi, yes it is for business. My idea is to have managers complete the form, which then goes to an HR Business Partner to approve through Teams, who then can amend and approve themselves and then to have the form and the approvals come to me via email. I can get the form to the HRBP via teams and they can approve, however, they cannot amend. I can also get the form plus the HRBP approval to me via email but the form is in the body of the email and not as an attachment. I have done this all using power automate so far. Hope that helps?
Have you tried using Approvals in Teams? It seems to better meet your requirements. You can find more information about it at It's an integration of Microsoft Forms with the Teams app.

@BiancaBickley what we always do at my company is to use a flow in Power Automate to save the Forms  response into a SharePoint list. The flow then takes the newly-created item (with it's ID) and sends it for approval using the start & wait for approval action. The outcome of the approval by the manager, the approval date and any comments then gets saved back into columns in the SharePoint list. All with just one flow. As well as providing a robust backup this is also useful a benefit for audit reasons.


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