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I'm setting up a new form but the option to Share outside my organisation is disabled. 

I've tweaked various settings but cannot find how to enable it. I'm the admin of my Office365 tenant, so no company restrictions should apply.

How do I enable it?

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The same problem is in my Tenant ... I expect is a temporary problem

I'm having the same problem as well and even existing forms with that setting have been disable.

@Deleted This happened to me too - it seems that there has been a change to the Forms Pro settings that requires you to go back into - Select Forms Pro, then update your settings.


@Scott Durow beat me to it!

@Scott Durow 

OK interesting outcome. I don't have FormsPro, just the standard Office365 version. I de-selected the two options "Add internal phishing option" and "record names by default" and it worked. However, when I changed them back again, it did not put the options to share externally back to disabled.


Not sure, but I seem to be out of the woods for now.

@Deleted  the working link was restored for us today so hopefully it;s the same for you and the problem is solved.   

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This is happening to me, and worse than that, it's intermittent on the same Form. Meaning I have the option to share the link with anyone, and in the next hour, the option disappears. These are saved in Group Forms. Went to the SharePoint site for that Form and changed sharing permissions to allow sharing for 'anyone with the link'. It seemed to work! I thought we found root cause! I sent the Form to a colleague and one outside our 365 group. Neither could access. Need to sign in, the screen said. 


I want to use Forms to manage our client surveys, but this complete lack of dependability means I need to go back to Google Forms. Ugh. 

@annaTGN This is happening to me too! It's a form that we just pushed out to hundreds of students all over the state, and now they can't access it. Same thing - it's intermittent. Some hours it's up, some hours it's down. Sometimes my "Share to anyone with link" option is greyed out and de-selected, sometimes it is selected. I am going nuts! We need this fixed! 

@kkupferer  and @annaTGN 


We are an education customer and have been having the same exact problem. We are just using regular version of Forms (not Pro) and things were good until last week. I opened a support ticket with Microsoft early Thursday (after user complaints) but so far no response from the Forms Team (they also don't work weekends) back to the support folks assigned to my ticket. The Forms Team has data that I provided to them. Originally there was a service outage on early Friday for admins that they thought should have resolved (FM192342.)


I've replied to posts in TechNet and as other customers have the same problem.


Maybe if the setting wasn't automatically flipping back and forth it would be easier for them to troubleshoot ?


As an admin I've verified all settings (we didn't make any changes) and it seems if we could get someone on the Forms Team to work with us directly, it should be easily isolated/solved. We were doing a big push to move away from other tools but this isn't good (my users, went back to competitor products on Friday due to needing data collected...."at least they work"). Maybe because we're education (vs commercial/business) customers, it's not being treated seriously ? 


The earliest I may get an update is tomorrow morning Pacific Time). Feel free to reference my MS Ticket 16970965 in your dealings with Microsoft Support. 

I'm also in an education environment struggling with these same issues. I also have a post on technet, no resolution yet! @Lavan Jeeva 



Not much to update here other that I just got the following from the Microsoft Support person assigned to my case (Forms Team still doesn't want to work directly with me):


As per the information received from the Forms Team, the issue is reported as a Bug and they have involved the Engineering Team.


The Engineering Team is currently working on the issue and further details will be shared once we get the next updates from them.


More customers are starting to report the issues....but I'm surprised by the lack of transparency. There is no eta, urgency, etc communicated back to me. From other new threads within this Tech Community, the number of folks reporting problems is growing. Service Health for Microsoft Forms is still Green.


Feel free to reference Case 16970965 in dealings with Support.





Same problem here. We think we have fixed it, just to see that the option is disabled again.

Changing to an other provider if Forms won't work tomorrow.

Same problem here, waiting for news or moving to another platform too @Deleted 

No updates from Microsoft Forms team yet but I've gotten feedback from others across various tech communities.


In the admin portal I went to Services @ add-ins > Microsoft Forms and unchecked the check box for Survey Incentive (we don't use Forms Pro). Under External sharing, I deselected, saved and then re-enabled check boxes under External Sharing options (except the first one...Send a link to the form and collect responses as I was afraid it would default all public forms to require login) and so far today, I've yet to be prompted to login on some forms that are configured Anyone with the link can respond.

@Lavan Jeeva Hi Lavan, your updates have been really helpful! It is nice to know that someone else is out there working on this with me :) I passed your updates onto our admin, who will give your suggestion a try! Thank you for updating! 

You just create the new form, after that go to the Settings to choose "Anyone..." and then design the form. That's the easiest way for this case.

Check this Anyone can respond is disabled in Microsoft Forms  , it's mainly related to the template that you have chosen that contains a file upload question