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Good afternoon,

During a teams meeting of 121 people I used Microsoft Forms for quick polling on four questions (settings Share results automatically after voting and Keep responses anonymous).  Some of the questions had created errors which displayed in the chat 'An error has occurred. Please try again. Cid:2c3cc667-5cf9-47de-8730-b73327725df3' with the Cid different per individual.  Summary of errors:

Question 1) 106 successful and 1 error

Question 2) 110 successful and 0 errors

Question 3) 108 successful and 1 error

Question 4) 110 successful and 18 errors
We would like to continue utilizing this method however want to avoid the errors.  What is the root cause of error and how can we avoid this during future forms?

Thanks - Teresa

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hi Teresa

can you tell me approximately what date/time this meeting occurred? UTC time is preferred
then i will have the developers try to dig into the backend telemetry to see what happened



Meeting polling occurred 20APR2021 between 3:35-3:50 UTC.  Thank you

Thanks Teresa

The developers were able to find the backend logs and diagnose what went wrong. We had some internal limits that were hit and caused some throttling, which caused some usage errors to people using polls at that time. We have fixed this problem and it should be deployed within the next 4-5 days. If you encounter further problems in the future, please do report them again. Thanks!

Senior Program Manager - Microsoft Forms