Adding Download button to a sharepoint form

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Hello, I am new to the Sharepoint world and I am learning on the job. Due to some reason i need to take over a project involving Sharepoint and I do not have any experience with share point. 

We have a Sharepoint form (Form is added to the page as a web part), we need to add a button/functionality to the form to be able to download the contents of the form as a pdf before it is submitted. So ,either when the user clicks on submit the form data should be downloaded as a pdf or add a new button to the form that would download the form as a pdf. I have looked over at quite a few places but I haven't really found a solution for what I need. 

Does anyone know how to download contents of a form as a pdf? 

Can some one point me to some good tutorials that I can follow to understand Sharepoint better and in turn understand what I need to do to add this functionality?

Thank you, appreciate your help!!

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@APJ10 are you talking about Microsoft Forms or SharePoint Forms? If it's Microsoft Forms then there is no way to add a button to an embedded Forms web part to download a PDF of the response before it is submitted. You can create a PDF of the submitted form via a flow in Power Automate.


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