Add a Message at the End or Closed Microsoft Form

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We would like to add a message at the end of our Microsoft Forms.  The message could be a thank you or a point of contact if they've missed the cut-off for adding a response. Currently, a default message appears on every Form.  (See image below) Having this option, allows us to personalize the Microsoft Form from beginning to end.


Is there a way to do this? If not, can it be added. 




MSFT Forms Closed Page.png

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Hiya @Samantha Rozek I realise you asked this years ago and so I would imagine that you resolved it or found a workaround but in case anyone else comes upon your question in a search - I was also wondering how to do this and the way I ended up doing it was adding another section and put our disclaimer in the description.  It then is just printed at the bottom of the form.


I hope that is useful to someone maybe!