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Ability to restrict respondents

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Hi I see there are options to limit  survey responses to 

anyone with the link


anyone within the organisation


our survey idea is to send out to a subset of the organisation , 

seeing as responses are limited per month per subscription is there a way to 

limit who can respond to the survey ( choose users from within the tenant) 

and even more ideally provide the users from a sharepoint list ? 

so that the survey is sent only to those people 

and only those people  can fill out the survey 







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@Deleted - I would question why you would share the link to a survey with people in your organisation if you don't want them to complete the survey. I would start at that point and figure out your process of how you determine who gets notified about the survey and has the link shared with them. Limited it at the beginning rather than trying to come up with a process to prevent someone with a link from responding. Ideally that gives you what you need without the headache of figuring that out. 


You could create contact groups in Outlook to determine who gets the email, although that might mean a different contact group for each survey, but again, this is really the only way you would limit things.