Ability to print Form responses.


The analytics that are available for Form responses are great! However, you cannot print the results. I realize you can export to Excel, but it would be very convenient to print out the existing analytics for the form responses. Now, you have to take a screenshots. The request/suggestion of a print optoin was made back in June. Has there been any progress?



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+1 The ability to print the results needs to happen please.



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An integration with Word and Powerpoint would be great as well.

Yes I have this requirement too.  Using FORM for pupil evaluation but want to share their responses back to the pupils.  Can't print out the response so can't print to OneNote.  Can print all from Excel but not straightforward to print just one pupils response at a time. 

I believe you can print them now. In the "Responses" tab, click on the "...".forms print.png



Has their been a fix for this yet? Currently we can print the web page however any graphs or questions will get cut on the break-page, and attempting to edit it seems to not play well.

Yes, this does work! Thank you!!

How did you get this to work? This is so frustrating...

Kimberly, see the above post by Philemon Burney.
These three dots on the bottom right hand side create a graphic representation of the results you can print.  I hope that's helpful.viewing results3.JPG

Mine does not look like that. It will only allow responses not the summary to print...?
google doc.JPG
If you go back one level, to the results page, do you not have those three dots there, as well? Perhaps it is a browser issue? I am working in Firefox. ?? Sorry, if that's no help.



I am able to print via the three dots drop down list however there are no page breaks and the margins are very close to the edge. Any way to fix this? Thank you.

Ok, ability to print responses summary and print it to pdf is clear to me. But, there is one more issue. In my form, I often use "text questions" with a lot of space for the answer. When I try to print my summary to pdf, I get very nice report, but longer responses are cut in the middle. Any idea, how to fix this problem? Data transfer from CSV file to report aren't very useful for me.