Abandon or Reset Survey

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Is there a way to cancel the submission of a survey response? The scenario is users can only respond to a survey while they're on the clock; so the first question on the Survey is to determine whether they're clocked in, if they answer No, we need the Survey to just reset without submitting a response.

We only want to allow each employee to respond to the survey once, right now if they answer no and Submit, I have to send them another invitation since the initial one stops working. I would like to avoid having to send a user another invitation but I don't see how that is currently possible

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@Edrei_Mpanduki this isn't possible at the moment. There is a UserVoice request for this at which you could vote for.


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@RobElliott  Thanks will definitely vote for the idea, seems like a glaring omission, I just figured I was missing something