Tips you must know about Microsoft Forms Settings
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The Thank You page is often neglected when crafting a form, but a well-designed one can elevate your form to a whole new level. There are hidden features related to the Thank You page in Forms that you might not be aware of. Let me guide you on how to enable these features to save you time and optimize your use of Forms.


Forms settings Respondent experience

Select “Customize thank you message” and write your message in the open box.




Once a form responder submits their answer, the customized message will be displayed on their thank you page.



“Allow respondents to save or edit responses”:



Respondents can choose to save their answers from the Thank You page.




Hide or show “Submit another response”: by default, respondents are allowed to submit another response on the thank you page. However, the form owner has the option to hide this feature if desired.



The respondents will not see “submit another response” on the Thank you page.




“Allow receipt of response after submission”: if selected, respondents are sent an option to view or print their response for future reference.



Once enabled, respondents will have the option to download or print a copy of their response directly from the Thank You page.





We encourage those who respond to a form to create their own! Now, they can easily access Microsoft Forms directly from the Thank You page by clicking on the "get started" icon. This will redirect them to our playground page, where they can explore various features and functionalities to gain a better understanding of how to leverage Forms to achieve their objectives.


Enter playground page from Thank you pageEnter playground page from Thank you page



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