Still waiting for my bookings..

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When did u get access to bookings? I´m still waiting for mine.

I have first release activated for the entire tenant and i´ve added a Business Premium license on me but it´s not available yet.


Anyonw knows how long it can take to get it?



Martin Front


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Hi Martin,


Thanks for your question!

You have activated all the right instances to get Bookings! We will start rolling out Bookings world wide in early December. Starting with Business Premium accounts in the First Release program.


Remember that to access Bookings you have to go to the App launcher from Mail, People, or Calendar in the Office 365 web experience.


This support  article will get updated when Bookings goes publicly available world wide.


Please, let us know if you have other questions.




Thanks Gabriel for a detailed answer, exactly what I looked for!


//Martin Front

Hello Gabriel, we have several customers in Latin America who are eager to use this tool.  I would like to know when we could expect the Bookings to be available in Latin America.


Thank you

Hi Giovanni,


Since we launched in July 2016 in the First Release program we have been working to address critical feedback and we have been slowly rolling out to more customers. Sadly, we can't commit to specific dates for specific regions. We expect to roll out to more customers in the coming months.



Hi Gabriel, do you know if Bookings are now available in AU?

He nick, you might try this shortcut to check if you can use it :) 

Hi Nick,


If you have a Business Premium subscription enrolled in the First Release program, then yes, you should have Bookings.

Paul's suggestion is a work around that will most likely work but functionality will be limited.



Hello Giovanni,

Bookings is now available to all O365 Business Premium customers - please try it out and let us know of any feedback.

It should now be available.

Is there an update?

I saw in other forum postings that Bookings is available in Europe.  However, my sales team in EMEA is telling me that they cannot access the URL to schedule/Book a service.

In our use case...

  • sales team members are the customer
  • Pre-sales team members are the Staff in Bookings
  • Services offered are product demos

The Sales/Customers need to access the booking page URL to select a service.  My NA based team can access the URL just fine.  Our sales team in EMEA/Italy, France cannot.  They get a blank browser page as a result.

Is Bookings truly available in EMEA? or India?