Scheduling Policy - Limit number of bookings per customer per day

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Currently, we are in the situation where same customer is booking multiple time slots back-to-back (same day) for the same service. Our only solution is to manually cancel multiple bookings. As part of scheduling policy settings, it would be great if we could limit the number of bookings for a same customer/service pair. E.g. User A is booking 1h for a service A and 1h for a service B on the same day - that would be OK; while User A is booking 1h for a service A and 1h for a service A on the same day would not be possible.

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I would also like this feature.


We're using Bookings to book spaces in our library.  We don't want students to monopolize space, so would be good to limit it to 2-3 concurrent bookings.

Yes, we are experiencing the same problem and I am wondering if anyone has found a solution in the meantime.
Same problem here.
It would be incredibly beneficial to be able to limit the amount of reservation per user/service/day
Agreed, thank you for bringing this up. Our booking service needs to have a restriction on x amount of bookings per day/week/month.

@bojan_vastag I agree. We are trying to use this for parent-teacher conference sign-ups, and we need to be able to limit parents to only sign up once to not monopolize teachers' time. 

@bojan_vastag Just also want to show my support for this! Big university using Bookings this term and would find this feature very helpful!

@MSerafin416We are also looking at Bookings as a possible study room scheduler. Not having the ability to limit students to one reservation per day is a deal breaker for us for the same reason you mention, 10 or 15 students would monopolize the rooms. It would also help if we were able to change the text on the select staff label. It would be much clearer for our use if we could change it to select room. 

I absolutely need this feature!  I have a scarce resource to control and one or two users can monopolize it.  Anyone find any workarounds? @bojan_vastag 

I agree. It would be cool even if it is soft limit.. Like using the same email you can only register once a week for a service or something like that

I would really like to see this feature added too - currently inundated with having to cancel multiple appointments booked by the same student.