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I tried using the "new" version of Bookings today and am having issues.  I also think it's helpful if you know that I don't have a live page and do all scheduling myself for a team of 4.


The older version had this box - A place where I could place comments that only my staff could see, and it did not come through on the clients invite side.




I don't see where the "new" version has this!  I see I can add custom fields, but that information is then shown on the customers invite.


Any ideas?!


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There is a notes section under options when you are booking appointments manually

@ukmuseer001 When you type in the notes section, it's there - Then when you select a client name, it locks up and you can't type into it. 

Note this works in the same way in both new bookings view and old bookings view
There are two types of notes both do are not shown to the customer:
1) Service comments for notes on the service
2) Customer notes
Customer notes can be added to individual customers by going to the customer menu and adding information for individual customers, these notes can be viewed whilst creating an appointment - if you want to change the notes you have to go to the customer menu and edit the note for that individual customer.
Service Notes can be edited whilst creating an appointment,
In the new booking view, when creating an appointment look for it under service details, and click "More Options" you will find a box to add comments and notes