Same-Day Appointments

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Hello all!


I have been trying to create a Bookings Page to allow the scheduling of same-day appointments. I do not want people to schedule future appointments. I tried setting the "Maximum Lead Time" to "1" as seen in the screenshot below:

2020-09-17 14_47_45-Bookings.png

I then received this error:

2020-09-17 14_46_28-Bookings.png

 I did tried doing this under both the "Booking Page" tab and the appointment editor with no luck.


Does anyone have any advice? Is this possible?


Thank you!

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@pspitzer Limit your service to an end date and add the additional appointment by clicking on '+' sign. Hope this helps as it helped me make multiple appointments for the same service on the same day.

@BenSoertszHow did this help you do same-day appointments? We've set this, and our appointments still have a max lead time of one day. We can't change it to allow for same-day appointments. Any help?

@pspitzer I think you are in the right place. In my case what really worked was leaving the minimum lead time to 24 and the maximum lead time to 365. And inside the service, I set 0 as minimum lead time and 365 as maximum lead time. Obviously, I configured the specific availability in the service.