Request for ability to add "description" to Bookings Calendar page

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Greetings. Bookings is very nice, thank you. But is there any possibility of being able to add a "description" or small explainer copy to the top of the page? Currently the "services" are already limited to the amount of characters displayed, and users must click "Read more" to get more information - but that information is specific to that service. If a calendar has multiple services, there's no place to explain to users how to proceed. For instance the Learning Commons at Queens College (CUNY) are using the logo of the Bookings page to provide instruction to users - "Select class then scroll down" - that's kind of ridiculous from a user experience point of view. The logo should be the logo of the service, and there should be space for ~280 characters (the length of a tweet these days) or so to explain to users what the page is, the process, etc. 

Thanks for your time & consideration.

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I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings' questions.


This is a great idea. Please add your feature requirement to the Microsoft Bookings feedback hub.  Then add your feedback link in this thread so others can vote.





Thank you, Teresa.

I have created a post at the Bookings feedback hub - it's mostly my above statement with some tweaking. The post is here:

Thanks for your time and assistance.