Request cannot be completed right now

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Is Bookings currently experiencing outages? 
I am getting a lot of 'Request cannot be completed right now.  Please try again later' error messages when I try and click on Calendar, Booking Page, etc.  and my existing data is not being displayed. 
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I have the same exact problem, it's been a week for me with no word whatsoever, and I can't seem to find any official status or support for Bookings.


I am having and have had the same problem on my email. Seems like Microsoft is ignoring it for right now? I browsed by some article a while back that said Microsoft was having some troubles with trying to merge their software with some new something or other but at the time it wasn't relevant to me, and I sure wish I had of read it more closely now.

How do we get someone at Microsoft to pay attention, because this seemingly is a growing problem out here.