Removing Optional and Anyone in Bookings

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 Does anyone know if it's possible to remove the optional component from selecting a staff member? On my booking site, I want customers to choose a staff member and not have "anyone" as an option.


Thanks in advance!

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I have the same question.  Thanks for asking!

@hlaperle we had a similar use-case and we solved this by creating services for each staff.  This way each link has a unique booking URL/link and this provided to the customer and not posted.

Thanks. Good plan. I did that and it seems to have resolved the 'anyone' issue.


@AlfredBajet  thank you for sharing! Are your links live on a website? I would be interested to see how you present them. What we have done is working, but I am open to changing it to a better method since the Anyone is still on our links now. Thank you!

Hi. Yes our website is The ‘anyone’ is still there but, if I understood what you said, with adding each person to a job you can’t use the ‘anyone’ tab anymore
You have to choose someone.