Powerautomate - Bookings Triggers Failing - "The response is not in a JSON format."

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I was very excited to see the new Powerautomate connectors for MS Bookings, however, they appear to be unusable as every run I tried failed with the error message "The response is not in a JSON format." Maybe I'm missing a step or workaround please let me know if this is the case.

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Please check the Known issues and limitations section in this doc: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/microsoftbookings/#known-issues-and-limitations

Also check the FAQ section on the right way to get the SMTP address. If you are sure the steps you followed are correct, kindly contact support as that will help us collect the right information.

@Maeve McCooey Having the exact same issue, smtp address I use is correct

Im so disappointed- been waiting for MS Bookings triggers for ages and released as Premium only (which I do not have, only Business account). Presume no workaround or is it just in a Beta style format just now?
Making this as a standard connector is the plan and we will be doing that shortly. Thanks for your patience !!

@dagspot1976: Bookings connector should no longer show up as a premium connector. Can you check now?

@Vignesh_Kailas - thank you - Bookings connector is now a standard connector

Thank you! Next…is there likely to be any more connector types for Bookings?

After that initial excitement, I cant get any of the connectors to work.
Get the flow error message (‘Staff not part of the booking mailbox’ )
Any suggestions?
I have used correct booking smpt calendar address and all ‘staff’ are service administrators.


Is the credentials with which you created the connection, a part of Bookings mailbox and the administrator of the bookings mailbox? You can check the email address with which the the connection was created from the part highlighted in yellow.


(i.e.,) if you have created the connection using your Microsoft credentials, are you an administrator of that Bookings clendar?



Thank you. Yes it is my credentials email in the connectors as in your screenshot and it was me that set up the bookings calendar. So i’m not sure what is at fault. My overall Office365 employer account has main Admin for O365 overall settings (but not I don’t think for MS Bookings)
I will trying logging in and out but dont have much hope…
Any other suggestions, still stuck with this… @Vignesh_Kailas
Sorry for the bad experience. Can you please raise a support issue? This will bring it to our radar and we will be able to look into this.

I'm having this same issue. Really want to use this Bookings connector. Is a resolution in sight? @Vignesh_Kailas 

@Maeve McCooey 


I'm hitting the same issue.  Has anyone actually got this connector working?

Thank you Microsoft for making it really easy to find the SMTP address that is required. In Bookings go to Integrations and it's right there. Problem is though, that as with most people on here, I'm an admin of the Bookings Calendar, have the right SMTP and the correctly selected Connection but the trigger is not firing. Does anyone have any answers?

Found something of a fix, try creating a new connection to Bookings within Power Automate, go into your flow with one of the Bookings triggers set, clock click on the 3 dots, then down the bottom '+Add new connection'. It'll get you to sign in again and now it works for me.


Was having the same issue: "The response is not in a JSON format." Tried a brand new booking page, had the correct STMP address, also tried cloning old booking pages (that still work), and tried cloning old PA flows (that still work) and can't get past this error.

Deleting my connections and re-adding worked for me.