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Hi all,


I've been working on a Bookings calendar for scheduling clients. However, this week Bookings started to bug. Now, the main Bookings page redirects to the onboarding page (https://outlook.office.com/bookings/onboarding) every couple of minutes. I am forced to make a new calendar just to get back to the main screen, but then it starts redirecting again.       


Any advice on this matter would be helpful. 



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I have been experiencing the same issue for a few hours. I tried clearing the cache, using a different browser but it still keeps redirecting to the onboarding page.
I also noticed this today, not sure when it started. Registered a ticket with our servicedesk. Please keep me posted on possible causes and solutions.
Was there any change on licensing for your account recently? Is it happening to more users in your org? Also, are you using the new Bookings experience or the old one?


@Babu_Alagarsamy Thanks for getting back to me. Answers: 

- No license change that I am aware of. I have an active licence that contains bookings (Office 365 E5 and MS 365 E3)

- All users (I also manage booking agenda's for collegues)

- New experience


Update: the app seems to be available again from the portal, including all agenda's we had in place. However, all content/ settings such as booking page, log and links, services and employees are gone and the public reservation page is also inaccessable. 

PS: just closed my browser and opened bookings again, and now I'm getting redirected to /onboarding again...
Sorry about this experience with Bookings, we will try to unblock you as soon as possible.
If possible, could you please create a support ticket with Microsoft to handle this case better and for a quicker resolution?


Any updates on this heard from anyone?

Less than 24 hours in learning about Bookings, getting excited about its potential use, trying to create our first calendar and this issue; very hard to promote this as a viable tool for the company if we can't even test it....

Looking for any ideas?

Yes, I have! We contacted MS support and the reason is probably that we (our servicedesk or management tools - we’re an IT company) deleted the associated calendar that gets created in exchange online. We did not yet sort out to get them removed from bookings, but we can move on.

- make a new calendar via onboarding page
- edit it as you want
- don’t select an ‘old’ one before closing your browser. This will result in getting back to onboarding page when reopening bookings.