Not Blocking Timeslots

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I have a simple booking set-up - I offer 5 services of different time lengths via one staff.


Everything worked perfectly until this week - the booking calendar has stopped blocking off already scheduled time on the booking page. On the backend, I can see that there are bookings and which times should be unavailable, but the calendar is not reflecting that. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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We are also experiencing the same issue this month. We had setup a service assigned to one staff only with a day duration and max 1 attendee. It had worked well since April 2022 and we are starting to receive double bookings this month. The published page is now accepting bookings on all days regardless whether the staff  is already booked for the day. Any suggestions on a workaround and looking forward to a quick fix from Microsoft . Thanks.

@gaganv @careadm Can you please try this workaround and see if that fixes your issue? You need to uncheck the box that says "Always show time slots in business timezone" under Booking page -> Region and time zone settings.

@davisjr Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried it before and it did not work. Anyway, my service is with 1 day duration and if it is a time zone issue, I should not be able to book the day before/after the busy date but I was able to.

I have the same problem, Bookings offer time slots where staff should be unavailable according to their outlook calendar.
I have tried unchecking time zones but problem persists.

We are having the same issue and unchecking the time zone box hasn't fixed it. It was working fine before xmas and now I've got students making appointments during our lunch hours. I'm hoping they get this fixed soon. @PerElvis72 

Same here. @kmapl   We were fine before Christmas as well.  



Same issue here today after returning from holidays. Myself and other staff are having our clients (students) double book where we are unavailable...during lunch hours and after work hours. What a way to return to work after the holidays. Wasting time trying to fix this.

Apologies for the trouble caused by this. Can you please share these additional details to help us debug this further:
- Are you seeing incorrect timeslots showing up on the calendar or it is actually resulting in bookings being made against unavailable timeslots? One of the existing issues that we track show invalid timeslots but attempting to book it will result in an error.
- Is this happening only for all day events?
- The existing events that conflict - are these other appointments booked through Bookings or these come from your Outlook calendar?

Can you please raise a support ticket with more details or DM me so that we can investigate this further?


I just tried making a test booking in a timeslot where I know that staff was unavailable.
The bookning went through, and it also ended up in the staff's outlook calendar.
This was a 30 min bookning.

The conflicting events come from Outlook calendar.

The conflicting event's status is Busy.




Björn is my test user, not a real person.


@PerElvis72 thank you. We were able to resolve this by unchecking the time zone box. There were several and I believe we had missed one. Seems to be a go so far. Thanks!

We are seeing the same issues and cannot fix it. This would need to be urgently brought to Microsofts attention and fixed. I tried to contact Microsoft directly, but unfortunately, we have to do it through our reseller. So, it will take a while until this reaches Microsoft. Does someone have a direct Microsoft Support?
Hi @Cathy_127
I can only find a "Always show time slots in the business time zone" checkbox under
Booking page > Region and time zone settings
Can you please guide me to where else I can uncheck that setting?

I also noted that Booknings does take existing events created by Bookings into consideration: If customer A has made a booking, that same timeslot is not available for customer B.

But events created in Outlook does still not affect available timeslots in Bookings.

@davisjr We have our time slots set for 8:30 AM - 11:30 am and for 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM monday-Thursday for 15 min appt. We used this exact service about a month ago but turned it off when no longer needed. Turned it back on for January and not students are able to make appointments all day & outside of these limits. Here's a screen shot of the booking page: 


Heres a screen shot of the availability listed in services: 


I have unchecked the time zone box but I don't know what else to do. Our work around has been to block off our outlook calendars during the times we don't want appt and this is a huge pain. Can you give instructions on how to open a ticket. I can't seem to figure that one out. Thanks.


Can we confirm if each staff member assigned to the service has 'Events on your Outlook calendar affect avaikability' checked? If it's already checked, please try uncheck, save, check and save again.

I've done that. it again and saved. It's still wonky.
I have tried unchecking and checking the "Events on your Outlook calendar affect availability" but all timeslots are still available.

I have also tried create a new service, but the same problem occurs for the new service. But:
The new service did not take existing events created by another Bookings service into account. That same timeslot was available for the new service.
I am sorry, but I don't know where that is could you screen shot or explain where I navigate to that option? Thank you.
Under Staff you can edit for each person. That's where you will find the check box about outlook availability.