Multiple Services with the same staff member at the same time

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Hi, we are in the middle of upgrading the devices colleagues will be using. We will be visiting various sites at the same time.


I have set up a bookings calendar - and we would want just one "staff member" (which is our project mailbox) to limit blocking up individual colleagues' diaries. 


I want to create 2 (or more) services with the same time slots using the same "staff member" as mentioned above. 


I have been able to do this, but it seems quite tempremental - in the current bookings calendar I have 2 services running the same week, each service has 2 slots - 10am and 2pm.


If I book a slot on the 20th March at 10am for Service 1, it automatically prevents anyone booking in a slot on the same time for service 2.


As mentioned, through a lot of trial an error I was able to do it previously, but in this instance no matter what I do it doesn't seem to work.


Any suggestions?

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This is a great question and we have a similar use case. Because a service is tied to an individual's calendar, if one time slot is booked then that option is removed. It considered that time filled. You would have to have the service assigned to a different staff member as the calendar assumes you can only do one slot at a time. There is not concurrent option. However, you could allow multiple users to book that time slot- that would allow several users to book the same slot that could be handled by one team member. That is how we worked around the situation. Change the number of how many users can book the appointment so that one staff can serve multiple individuals at once. 
I hope this helps!

@insatiablewreck Thanks for the response - that is what we are doing - sadly it isn't a work around for us as we will be doing 2 services at 2 different sites at the same time


It's annoying as the "Colleague" would preferably be our IT support mail box, but sadly in this instance we have just had to create another dummy user and have them as a staff member