MS Bookings suggestions for setup for two levels of client

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I am trying to setup Bookings to deal with our business setup. We run training courses for beauticians. 


The training is run by one of our staff. There are two types of attendees.

The attendees (First Level Customer, if you like) are Trainee Beauticians, who pay us  to be trained.

Other attendees are Models (Second Level Customer, if you like) who pay a minimal fee to have a treatment performed on them.


I'm after suggestion of how to effectively set this up within Bookings. 


Any suggestions welcome and appreciated!



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Hi Steve,


Thanks for your question!

This should be a fairly easy set up, let me ask you a couple of questions first:


1. How many beauticians do you have? And do they need to be selected by name? (I.e. Do you need the person booking the service to know which beautician they are booking?)

2. Do you have one person managing the appointments for your business? Or each beautician manages its own time? (i.e. Is the manager assigning appointments to beauticians? Or do you need to have each beautician set up their time and availability?)

3. Do your beauticians have an Office 365 license in your organization?

4. Are the attendees/models external customers who book the beauticians' services? I.e. They go online or call in to set an appointment?


Once you share that info I should be able to help you set up.




Hi Gabriel

My apologies for not replying to this earlier. As you will have realised, I have an ongoing thread with you on Bookings. I'll leave THIS one until the other one is resolved. The requirement has changed slightly since I posted this question.

Thank you :o)