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I am looking to use this app from a Training calendar and "training user" we have set up generically to hold several bookings.  We then manually assign those bookings to trainers.  


I have created a bookings service with the generic user and it all works great.  What I need to do is offer multiple bookings at the same time for this generic user to then be assigned as they come in.   This is because specific trainer availability is quite ad hoc. I can find out how to do this.


Is this possible?


EDIT:  I have it set for specific 2 hr slots, 3 throughout each day but I want multiple of them.  

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@Sarah_G30 thanks for the feedback. Bookings does not support double booking towards the same staff today. In fact, that is one of the things that Bookings tries to prevent by design. Here are a few workarounds you can try:

1. Have multiple training users created so that even if one is already booked, users can still book time against the other. Internally, you can then cancel/reschedule/reassign these appointments as required based on trainer availability.
2. If the trainer will be attending to multiple people at the same time, you can create a group service by setting "Maximum number of attendees" to more than 1 so that you can collect more than one signup for the same slot. Note that this field is available only while creating a service.
3. Checkout the Virtual Appointments app if you want to get some sort of a queuing mechanism. Note that this requires you to get a Teams Premium license: