How to Change Booking Title

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How do you change booking title? It seems to be read only based on Service - Requester Name. But I really want it to be Service - Company Name (a field I have required on the Booking page).

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You can edit the title on the public-facing scheduling page: Business Information > Basic Details > Name

Is that what you are trying to change?

The name you gave when it was first created cannot be changed. I think it is only visible in the name of the Outlook name created for the calendar but I don't think it is very noticeable to people.

No I am trying to edit the title of the appointment, when the booking becomes a calendar appointment. In the old Outlook I could at least edit the title manually, but for some reason new Outlook, its locked now.

But I would still prefer to have this automated with the title of Booking Service - Company. Even if there a Power Automate way of doing this. If there a way to do it that way and turn off any automation Booking does, I'm willing to look at the Power Automate method if its an option.
I was able to edit the title of the event by going to the online Outlook account that is associated with the Bookings calendar but this was a manual process and it sent an updated calendar invitation. I am not familiar with Power Automate but that is the first place I would start too. I'll be interested to know if you find a solution.
I ended up doing a old trick in the old Outlook Desktop, not Outlook Preview. But if you go into Offline Mode, you can change the meeting title, and then delete the outbound email that is pending to send because your offline. So, it never sends. Then go back online. Sort of a dirty way of doing it lol I don't know if new Outlook Preview supports offline mode yet. Couldn't find any settings for it.

When I get the time I will have to Play with Power Automate, I know I can do alot with PA, but then its a matter of having all the automate booking stuff turned off so I can manually code it. And not sure if you can turn certain Booking behavior off because you have PA doing it instead.